Floor protection cardboard

Floor protection cardboard


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Width: 65 cm
Length: 25 m2
Thickness: 16,25m²
Grammage: 200 g/m²
CO2 reduction: 60% compared to PE
Material: 5-layer cardboard
Finish: clay-covered top, bleached pulp as middle and bottom layer.
Recycled material: 100% recycled 🌱


Protect your floors during a move with our eco-friendly, easy-to-use, and professional-quality floor protection made of high-grade cardboard.

Ease of use

Packaged in a convenient roll for easy transport and unrolling, this cardboard covering is quick and easy to place during a move. Lightweight and easy to clean, it offers a practical solution for protecting your floors while moving your belongings to a new location.

Heavy-duty performance

Our thick paper is specially designed to withstand the challenges of a move, providing your floors with a high level of protection against scratches and damage caused by moving furniture and appliances. It protects your floors for longer during the moving process, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and worry-free move or renovation.

Material and technical information

Our stucloper consists of several layers of cardboard. With a clay-covered top and bleached and unbleached natural pulp, it forms a sturdy yet lightweight shield for your floors. This makes it ideal for safely moving furniture and appliances, without floors suffering scratches or damage.


Our cardboard is designed with sustainability in mind, so it’s plastic-free and made from eco-friendly materials. It can be fully recycled as wastepaper, so it’s an eco-friendly choice for a sustainable floor covering during a move. The lighter grammages reduce the environmental impact without compromising the protection of your floors.

Water resistance

Thanks to its water-repellent properties, our stucloper provides effective protection against spills, leaks, and other damage from liquids that can occur during a move or renovation. It keeps your floors dry and undamaged, even in challenging conditions, allowing you to move with peace of mind.

Paper adhesive tape ECO

The paper adhesive tape used to adhere seams facilitates recycling our floor protection, as it can be completely recycled with wastepaper without having to remove the adhesive tape. This makes your move even more efficient and sustainable, where everything can be easily recycled afterwards.

Our floor protection is ideal for various uses while moving or renovating:

  • Protecting floors against scratches and damage while moving furniture and appliances
  • Preventing any spills and leaks that can occur during a move
  • Easy to clean and recycle after a move
  • Eco-friendly solution for floor protection during a move, without leaving plastic waste behind

Thanks to its ease of use, eco-friendliness and heavy-duty performance, our floor protection is an indispensable accessory for a smooth, worry-free moving experience.

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