Moving boxes

To ensure that your belongings remain undamaged during the move, it is best to use specific types of moving boxes suited to their purposes, like book boxes, linen boxes, dinnerware boxes, etc. Be sure to take the dimensions and carrying capacity of the box into account. Get your children involved in the move, too, and have them pack their own belongings in our fun kids’ moving boxes. A family of 3 or fewer will need approximately 30 boxes. A family of 5 or fewer will need approximately 60 to 75 moving boxes.

Cardboard moving boxes or plastic moving boxes?

Plastic boxes are perfect for storing things like sheets, clothing, duvets, pillows, and blankets after your move is finished. The cardboard boxes can be folded up and easily stored away after your move is finished. Or they can be used to store and tidy up toys, Christmas decorations, table decorations, crafting materials, etc.

Organising your move

Have you decided how you’ll be moving? Will you be doing it yourself with the help of friends and family? Then rent your Dockx moving van and removal lift here. The best way to prepare for the move is to use the Move yourself Checklist. Are you outsourcing your entire move? Then contact the Dockx Movers moving company and use the Full-Service Move Checklist. Find even more moving tips in the Dockx Movers booklet, Moving Tips and Handy Facts.

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